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Thursday, November 09, 2006

oh no! not already!

So I have a pretty physically demanding job. I have worked with many pregnant people, so I know it can be done. Already though, when I came home last night I could barely move, my feet hurt like nothing else, my calfs hurt, my back felt like I had a pinched nerve or something, and my stomach muscles....that is really weird, but it feels like I am supposed to have some great abs, but that is definatly not the case.

oh I wanna tell a story...

So the other morning Erika called me, that is her new thing to call me right when she gets to work, but i guess not today, cuz she would have already called....anyways...so i was talking to her on the phone and i was hungry so i went to the fridge, when i opened the door the light was off and it wasn't running...obiously it is not working or broken in some way. I let Erika go...I am starting to get mad for some reason, I have to call my dad. I call him and I tell him that the fridge is broken, he asks me questions like well is it plugged in? yes dad, did you blow a fuse? no dad, the microwave is in the same outlet and it works. I start crying...What am I going to do. (I had just gone grocery shopping so there was all new food in there) All my food... I am crying to my dad over the phone about the fridge being broken, well what do you want me to do? he says there are some coolers in the basement, you will have to go buy some ice and put the food in there. I don't want to I cry...He says what do you want me to do about it? I say I don't know and he lets me go. I call Caleb. Cry to him about the situation. All of my food is going to be ruined!! he was right in the middle of something so he had to let me go. I sit here and cry for a while, Beka Called back and I am talking to her for a while and I go to look at the fridge again, HEY IT'S WORKING!! The light bulb was just burnt out! I am so excited!!! So still talking to Beka when my cell phone rings, it's Caleb. I answer it and tell him that the fridge is not broken, then I see my dad pull up...oh jeez i feel so bad, i should have called him and told him it was fixed...he comes in and i tell him it is fixed...sorry dad! he says it's ok and turns around and goes back to work...I think it is time to tell my dad I am pregnant!!

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Kitty B Banter said...

Good Gravy Davy