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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kiwi Baby

This is a little gift i received from this lady at my work...the reason for it is because one day while at work I was telling her that i read on the internet that my baby was the size of a kumkuat (sp?) well she made this with a kiwi, but i guess they are about the same size and she couldn't find any kukuats. What it is (the pic is kinda blury) is a kiwi in a little nest sitting on a jar with moss in the bottom...it is cute, a little strange, but cute. She gave it to me and said this the size of your baby. I thought it was very nice of her and so thoughtfull! so that is my little kiwi baby!! I decided to take pictures of it cuz i know the kiwi isn't gonna last much longer!

1 comment:

Kitty B Banter said...

Lets just hope that your baby doesnt come delivered in a jar looking that way!

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