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Friday, November 30, 2007

No Internet...blah!!

Sorry there hasn't been much action on here lately...We moved recently and it is taking the cable company a million years and a half to get our internet up and running. They are not coming until next Thursday! I am at work right now, which I haven't been here in over a week due to a little sick baby boy...poor little pooka nocka! Also, there was no weekly pictures this week :( For one, no internet... and two, my camera's battery is dead and I left the battery charger in AZ! Wheew, that is in the mail, so hopefully I will be able to take some pics for this week and have them up on Thursday when I get the goll darn internet!

On a lighter note...I am pretty much completely moved in to my new place! I love love love it! I HAVE A WASHER AND DRYER!!! That right there pretty much sold me! I will put some pics up once I get my charger and internet!
I am sure my next post won't be until Thursday. So bare with me!
I also want to take a second to thank all of you who keep up on this blog...I know it is not the most exciting thing, but it is fun for me and I hope it makes at least one person smile :) I am actually kind of interested to see who does read my blog...so if you are reading this right now I would REALLY appreciate it if you could comment on this post...c'mon guys you don't have to have a blog to post a comment...it would just go under anonymous...please leave your name! OK thank you very much Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Wheres my weekly Jimmy picts!! oh never mind I guess I mailed you the charger, should be there soon (I hope) Grammy

Melissa said...

Ha, I was worried, and disappointed in no weekly pic! Don't you know my fellow bloggers are not supposed to have a life!!

Oh my word, I would die without internet.... AND my camera!!! I am not sure how you are still getting by...... ha ha.

OH, and I read, I read!!! :)

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