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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He's standing!

My big boy pulled himself up today!!! YAY JAMES! he has it down, he 1st did it like an hour after he woke up and then non stop since then!!


Melissa said...

Wow... (somehow I missed this blog when I last stopped by.)

What a big boy. How old is he now? Maddie has no interest in any of that army crawling or pulling herself up or anything... I think James may need to make another training video!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Yaaaay!!! Congrats!!! Mimi has been doing it for a while now, but I dont see her walking any time soon especially since I cant put her on the floor with our ceramic titles! :-(

Tyler and Becky Rider said...

Wow. I hope everything is babyproofed because he looks like he will be everywhere soon. What a big boy!

Anonymous said...

I think that he thinks, that he is very cool! Love Grammy and Pappy..yes he changed his name to Pappy, he thought about it himself, he thought the other name was just to grumpy sounding!