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Friday, February 29, 2008

Just a little story

The other day while James was taking a nap I was in our computer room which is right next to his room. I heard him wake up and he just layed there for a little bit and let out a little sigh. I went in there and he was all smiles, I picked him up and we just walked around his room and looked at all the different things on the walls and on his dresser. We got to this little stuffed Lamb that had been sitting on his dresser for a while that he has never really played with or seen. I picked up the little lamb and was telling James that the lamb loved him and he just looked at the lamb and smiled and gave him a great big kiss! Now every time he sees the lamb he crawls over to it and gives it a kiss :) No more kisses for mommy and daddy...the little lamb gets them all!

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Anonymous said...

From Amanda:

Someone gave Hailey Bug a lamb when she was born. When she was about six months old I picked it from her crib one day and started making "Baaa Baaa" noises. She threw herself down on her face and started wailing!!!! Her dad and I were like WHAT THE HECK!!!!