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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wal-mart lady stalker AGAIN!!

Ok just kidding, I guess not completely though. I did see her at Wal-Mart again today, except she does work there so maybe that makes me the stalker. She didn't come up to me today, but she didn't really see me either. That does make me the stalker doesn't it?

So I have some gigantic news! I guess it is huge for me, but probably not for anyone else. JAMES SLEPT IN HIS CRIB ALL NIGHT! YAY!!! Yes, he is almost eight months old and I know. He has pretty much been sleeping in our bed since he was a tiny little peanut boy. I finally brought myself to letting him cry it out a little and it actually wasn't that bad! And it worked! So as we speek that sweet little angel is asleep in his crib. I have been pretty much a nut case about this whole situation and a parinoid freak about having him sleep...well...anywhere he wasn't glued to my side. But I did it! I think I may be a tad more proud of myself than James. Don't get me wrong he was the one who had to do all of the crying and he did a great job, but I finally alowed myself to let him cry! YAY me and James!

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