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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fun with the Lynch clan!

:::I find this picture funny and super cute! That is my Grandma and Grandpa, my cousin Mick and James.:::

Wow, this weekend has been busy busy busy!! Lots of fun though! Yesterday I picked my cousin Roxanne up in Minneapolis and she stayed the night last night. She watched James while Caleb and I went out for his brother's 30th b-day party. Yes, you heard me right....me and Caleb with no babe at a bar no less! It was lots of fun and I am really glad we went. So we got home late, four hours later Jamesy woke up. Then today we went to brunch with some of Caleb's fam and then after that Roxanne, James and I went to my grandma's for the March birthdays party. It was so nice to see everyone...last time I saw them was at Christmas so that was well over due. I need to get my little butt down there more often I guess! here are some pics from today at my Grandma's. Sorry if there is so many (my mom makes me put them up :) )
:::Above: Here is my cousins Violet and Roxanne and of course by now you probably know who that other kid is :)
:::Above: This is James eating in the highchair that I used when I was a little squirt:::
:::Above: My aunt Teresa and my cousin Charlotte:::
:::Above: My aunt Teresa and little Jamesy, he likes kisses:::

:::Above: James with his great grandparents::::


Audreee said...

I love love love James's plaid pants. He looks so cute in them.

Melissa said...

aww, that highchair is classic old school! That is so cool that you used that chair too! :)

YOur cousin Charlotte is beautiful. James still steals the picture though. haha.