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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey you blog hoppers, READ HERE!

For those of you, who like myself love to read blogs written by random people you don't know, here is a good one for ya... My sister just started a new blog!! whoop-whoop! I felt the need to give her a little publicity, since my blog is so happening and what not (insert fart noise here). She is a super funny gal who can write 100x better than I can. Here ya go...
The Happenings and Occurrence's of a Ka

hope you don't care sis!
leave her some comments...It gives bloggers motivation to keep on truckin!
Thank you all...love you and your face! (Ok Charee if you read that I totally stole that from you, thanks and sorry!)

1 comment:

Ka said...

Thanks Bridgie! I could use some publicity! haha.