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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

11 months old! WOW!

James is 11 months old today! Only one more month until the big O-N-E! Mom's can say this all day long, but I seriously can't believe it! Where the heck has the time gone? One second they are these little blobs of cute little baby that can't move or do anything and all you do all day long is stare at them. The next second they are throwing blobs of any type of food at your wall and all you do all day long is say no-no and chase them around. They are still super cute too, I might add. How fast the times change!

Things James is doing:

  • He said dog for the first time today.

  • He says, baba (bottle), baby, mama, dada, ball, he says a weird word for fish, and he can moo like a cow.

  • He walks everywhere and he is getting pretty quick at it too!

  • He can wave and clap, but doesn't do it very often.

  • He gives kisses.

  • He likes to share his food and other things.

  • He points at different things in books.

  • He loves other babies and gets really excited.

Those are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful..Love Grammy

That Nora Girl said...

Happy Eleven Months, James! (My first word was dog, too!) How did you get him to hold the dandelion without eating it?? :)

Bridget said...

Nora, I took about a billion pics and had to keep taking them out of his mouth LOL! I did get a couple though!