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Sunday, May 25, 2008

83 to 64 degrees in 30 min

The smell of rain on the steamy roads. Yum, one of my favorite smells. We had quite the storm here in Minnesota today. It was actually dark all day and I am surprised it took so long for it to storm. There were a couple of Tornado touch downs just south of us. I heard the longest thunder ever, I am not kidding when I say there was one long thunder for over 15 min straight!

Here is James checking out the weather BEFORE the storm started. (I don't want people thinking I had him playing in front of the window while we were in a tornado warning!) We were playing outside of course while in the warning he he he.
A shot of my TV screen. I am just a little northeast of Chisago City.


Melissa said...

lol.. about the playing outside! :)

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Bridget!!! Wow sounds like quite a storm!!! We haven't had any like that here yet this year (in MD). Scary!

I like comments too and I love leaving them. I like that you comment a lot and you always have nice things to say.