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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Everyone left me

My sister Erika and Dean just left to go to the airport a little bit ago. Leaving me all alone again...poor me (she says in a sarcastic tone). I had a wonderful time with all of them, including my mom and Bruce, who left on Mon. I am still trying to catch up with the blogging and all of the events that have happened.

On Tuesday, Erika, Dean, James, and I went to FAWN-DOE-ROSA which is a wildlife education park. They hand raise different kinds of animals along with taking in injured and sick animals. They try to get them better and release them back into the wild. There are tons of deer, some goats, a couple bears, mountain lions, lots of ducks and geese, and a bunch of other animals. Most of them are just walking around and not in cages. Well, of course except the bears, lions and other scary animals they have there :) You can buy a bag of food for a buck and feed the animals! Best part about this park is that is only $7.00 to get in and not even 5 minutes from my house!!!

Yesterday, it was pretty warm and sunny so we decided to pack up and head to the beach. We all went swimming in the lake, including James. Another nice day!!

p.s. big brother starts June 13th...yes I am obsessed! CAN NOT WAIT!


Melissa said...

I know that feeling of being with tons of people, then suddenly no one. I hate it. Good thing we have blogging, huh. lol. Great pics looks like you all had fun!

That Nora Girl said...

Wow! What a neat-looking park! There's something similar around here- rehabilitation for local injured and orphaned wildlife (the destination of several elementary school field trips of my youth) - but that's so fun that the non-threatening animals aren't in cages. I am pretty sure I would put on an antler headband, wander around and pretend I live there :)