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Monday, June 02, 2008

Someone please tell me what to do!!!

I am completely boggled! I have been racking my brain as to where I should have James' birthday party. I should already have the invites out. grrrrrr. I wish I could just have it here, but there is not enough room. I thought of a park, people say I shouldn't in case it rains. There I have no more options. I don't live by any "fun" places to have it. I am just stumped! If anyone could just please tell me what to do that would be very nice. Thank you!


Melissa said...

do any of the parks near you have an area that is covered in case of rain. Or could you get a tent that you could put up?

I don't really know of any other places :(

Anonymous said...

Bridget Mary..please dont sweat it..it will all work out just fine. Love, Grammymellowpants. Relax my daughter, relax. aahhh.

Bridget said...

ok, I think I have calmed down a bit. I am going to call and see how much it would be to rent the community center here in town. If it is cheap then I will do that and if not then it will be at the park. Yes, there is a covered area, so it wouldn't be that bad if it rained I guess! Thanks for your help. Anymore ideas from anyone, please let me know!