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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who is this kid?

All of the sudden it seems, I have a kid now and no baby to be found. What's up with that?

WARNING: The ramains of this post contain too many exclamation marks, and made up words and sounds.

James received his birthday present today from his Grammy!! YEE-HAA! I know I was more excited than he was about it. I will post pics of it later, when I can actually take a picture with my munchkin in it. It's a new umbrella stroller! YAY!

I am so flippin excited for my mom to come. This Friday is when she is getting here!!!!! I haven't seen her since the beginning of November and even though I annoy her everyday by calling, I can't wait to see her! Most importantly, I can't wait for her to see James! woot-woot! We will then be going up and chilaxin at my aunt's cabin, which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and on a lake. Don't you fret, there will be a million and one pictures and you know where they are going... SMACK...right here on this blog. You can see how gorgeous this place is and I can't wait!!!

So, I will be away from a computer from Sat-Wed at least. That next Wednesday my sister and Dean are coming, Friday is James' birthday, and Saturday James' birthday party! So, I apologize in advance if this blog kinda lay stagnant for a week or two starting this Friday. I WILL BE BACK! If you get bored...leave me a billion and two comments! Ya know I love them!!!

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