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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So, We woke up with James' rash like 10 times worse than it is in the pics below! I actually had an appointment with an OBGYN, no not prego...still facing a little problem with my womanly area from James' huge head at birth! Was that graphic enough for you this morning? Any who, She saw James' rash and told me I should get him checked out again. So I did and a different doctor lady told me he had Roseola. This makes a lot of sense, he has had all of the symptoms of Roseola. It is another gosh darn virus!! I am a clean mom, I promise, I use those shopping cart covers and everything!! Whenever I hear virus, since James had one a few months ago, I think that he gets him from the shopping carts. This skeeves me out! So, I think James has had enough viruses in his life so, I decided that we aren't leaving this house for the rest of our lives. If any one wants to see us you are more than welcome to stop by. Just don't forget some hand sanitizer :)

The doctor we saw on Monday was telling me that on average kids have 13 colds a year at on average one week long. That is being sick for over one week every month!


The Garske's said...

Madisynn had roseola a few months back too and I have NO idea where she got it from! It is actually the only time she has had a fever! It went up to 104. Very scary! Stupid viruses!!

Mekhismom said...

My son had roseola too. We were up at night giving him cool baths it passed. Once the rash comes it is pretty much over but it does look frightening. I have pics too.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

The nice thing about a virus is once you get that one strand you can't get it again, so just think about how healthy he is going to be when he gets older. *wink*.