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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lunch with Nana/ Happy Birthday Grampy!

James and I just went out to lunch with my dad's wife Vicki. They live in Belize and she was home for a couple weeks. I am just kicking myself for not taking pictures, the thought never crossed my mind...grrr... We had a really nice time and it was really good to see her. Tonight we are going over to Caleb's brother's house to celebrate Cade's (Caleb's nephew) 4th Birthday. I will not forget my camera, hopefully!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPY!!! We already miss you!

I was reading my American Baby magazine and came across a section about trying to get everything done. Meaning how do mother's organize their days to get everything done that they want to accomplish. People wrote in and gave their two cents. This one lady wrote about how she prioritizes things, so things with highest priority get done first blah blah blah. Then there was a quote that a lady wrote, it has been stuck in my head so I think I should share, it was: There is nothing to do but this, and no where to be but here. This is my new life mantra. It makes sense doesn't it? I love things like this, like the one my mom taught me if you are in a tough situation: And this too shall pass. I think that is a pretty common one. Anyone else have any good ones?

And a picture of a soggy leaf...it rained the other day and I guess I have a thing for taking pictures of wet leaves :)

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