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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yesterday Erika, her friend Kate, Kate's kids Layla and David, James and I went out to the Phoenix Zoo. It was fun, but very very hot. It was over 100 degrees, and boy oh boy could you tell. Going into it we thought it was going to be cooler otherwise we probably wouldn't have gone. We made the best of it anyway and had ourselves a root tootin good 'ol time!

Pretty Layla standing by a pond...she probably had the most fun out of all of us :)


Don't you just get hot lookin at this poor kid, he was treated to a snow cone at the end of the day!

In James' hot silence for most of the trip he got very excited and verbal when we saw these little guys. I am proclaiming they were his favorite.

David teasing James with a spoon. HA! This was by far the best attraction at the zoo on such a warm day. The splash pad. James was a little uncertain about the whole idea at first, but eventually warmed up to the idea and actually had a lot of fun playing in the water.

The whole gang minus me.


nicole said...

It's truly a fantatastic idea to go to the zoo when it is so freaking hot. I did the same a few weeks ago and will remind myself never in summer again in TX. LOL

Sara said...

I love his rosy cheeks in that one picture.

nicole said...

Check out my blog and you will find something there for YOU!

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