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Friday, October 10, 2008

Random thoughts

It is such a gloomy day today. Rainy and dark. It is kind of nice though, I just want to cuddle my babe on the couch and watch a movie. I think we both know that isn't going to happen, babe sitting in one spot for more than a couple minutes... not happening any time soon :)

Anyone else LOVE The Office? I just want to watch it all day and all night. I was telling that to Caleb and he said, "So you want to work with them?"
"That is exactly what I want, I want to work at The Office," Then I proceeded to say, "that may not be such a good idea though."
"I don't want Pam to hate me when Jim falls in love with me."
He laughs to himself and we go to bed.

Those are some of the deep conversations Caleb and I have. Oh yeah deep. I want you to know that I am not a crazed loony even though it may come off that way. I just really enjoy the show. C'mon you all have a show you love...spill it. What is your all time favorite TV show? I wanna know what I am missing out on. I am not a TV freak either, ok maybe a little. Just on Mondays and Thursdays. HA!


Bowen said...

I met Jim! Well, the guy who plays Jim. Last weekend. It was amazing. Actually, living in LA I've seen about 8 or so celebrities, and 3 of them were Office cast members! Roy works out at our gym, Toby we saw at a bar, and Jim we saw last weekend!

Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie said...

My favorite tv shows...Big Brother, AMerican Idol, One Tree Hill :o)

nicole said...

I never watched the office, am I missingout on something? LOL

Katie said...

Hi there! I noticed you left me a comment and thought I'd "drop by" I LOVE finding new blogs to read! As for my header, well my whole blog design, it was done by my sewt bloggy friend Rebbecca at uptowndesign studio. You can find her button on my blog. She is designing blogs to fund her adoption of a sweet little boy from China. Oh and I'm assuming you found me from the sleeping angels contest?

Sara said...

Nicole, YES!! You have to go watch it right now! I love the office and last night's episode did NOT disappoint! Also, I can't believe you even get a minute of sitting still. The Little Monkey would not sit still for even 10 seconds!

Anonymous said...

"When Jim falls in love with you" HA!!!...Love Mamawhogottaloonydaughter

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

I love the office, though I don't watch it. You have time>???? Well, you don't have 3kids like me, lol. So I am going to wait until the kids are older then I'll get the box sets. OK, I think you know by now that I check out blogs in sections... so I just got through several of your posts. I love love love the pics with the leaves, beautiful!

That Nora Girl said...

You know what my favorite show is! :)

Kim said...

The Office is definitely my favorite show too!! Oh, it cracks me up!!! I'm also very into Lipstick Jungle right now. It's my guilty pleasure. Luckily we have a DVR so I record that and watch it on the weekends while Devin is napping!!

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