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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hey Sis, What's for Din-Din?

I was thinking of ways to spice up my blog and thought this would be fun. Every Saturday night My sister Erika, who lives in AZ and me, who lives in MN are going to be taking pictures of what we are having for dinner. I will post them on here just for the fun of it. This will give us both a little reason to maybe make some new things to try to show off on here. It is not necessarily something we had to make either. Here are our firsts...


Mine (or Sarah's):


Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie said...

What a cute idea! I will probably be asking for recipes to some of these dinners :)

Melissa said...

Cute! I really want the recipe for the Spicy Chicken and broccoli.

Nicole said...

What a sweet a idea and way to stay connected a touch more even you are so many miles apart.

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