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Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's for Din-Din Mom?

So, we are still working the technicalities out on this idea. Mainly because the original idea was to do it every Saturday night and post Sunday morning. My mind is super cool and really smart and for some reason forgot that I work every other Saturday. So we are figuring out a day that will work for both of us...possibly all of us. I pressured my mom into taking pictures of what she ate last night, thinking it would be her and my sister. This is the second week we have done this and my sister who was so pumped about this and planned her Saturday meals for the next five years simply forgot. So without further a due, what my mom had for dinner last night:
Her words:
We had Chicken, onion and green chili quesadillas with the works on top & Asian chicken wings loaded with garlic and ginger...appetizer night! yum yum..

That does look really good! Thanks Mom!

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