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Friday, February 20, 2009


Could someone please explain to me how the hell this happened? I have a child that will be two years old in four months...wait, wait, wait...what? This sweet little boy is mine! He has come into this world and completely changed me and my life and I love it. I love the age he is at right now, so smart, but still so edibly cute. No whammy...No Whammy...STOP! I would like to freeze him at this age forever.

He is such an extremely independent kid, not wanting help with anything. He loves to learn and still loves books. He is really getting into the whole coloring and craft thing right now, this totally pleases me cuz it's right up my alley. He is learning new words all the time. My favorite is when he says words that we aren't trying to teach him. We were on a walk the other day and he squatted down looking at a piece of leave or something, he looked up at all of us and said, "Don't touch." It was so funny, I have no idea where he would have learned that. :)


Anonymous said...

SO cute!!! Come down here!!

Roxy said...

James is the cutest baby I know!!!!!!

Christine said...

What a beautiful boy! That is a great age, you're so right.