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Sunday, February 22, 2009



Audreee said...

Wow. He knows what he is doing. My boy would try to eat the paints more than likely.

Southern Belle said...

sorry, the giveaway ended at midnight last night! I'll be doing a giveaway for my 100th post which will be in the next few weeks. Thanks for checking out my blog:)

Anonymous said...

I love the cookie sheet! they are so versatile in everything huh? teenage girls with candles in their rooms, sleds down steps,HA!
Chip off the old block! Love, Grammymissesthingslikethat.

pehpot said...


They just made an upgrade on Blogger Following, Google Friends Connect are now being integrated to it. I have been using both features. To prevent any public humiliation on the users, Google set the settings of Blogger following to private. If you have noticed that I am not following you, I already fixed the followers issue.

I hope that it will not affect our blogging relationship.
Have a nice day!

Make or Break

Sara said...

I totally agree with Audree. No way would Little Monkey stay still to paint like James. I'm totally jealous!

Anonymous said...

So, I guess your never gonna post another blog again..its been 1 exact week..poorgrammythatcantseewhatsgoingonwithhergrandbaby

Roxanne said...

I agree with Grammy, time for a new post! It was so fun to see you guys yesterday! Love Roxannie

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