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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Confessions for Cinco de Mayo

I know that doesn't make sense, but just go with it :)

1. I confess that this rash James has is driving me crazy. The doctor (Urgent Care) pretty much told me he didn't know what it was and that it should go away and if it doesn't to come back. Well, it kind of faded and his skin is still really bumpy. Now his eyelids are raw and slightly swollen.

2. I confess I don't really want to bring James back in to the doctors. If I do, I will definitely be seeing my own doc. I confess I am tired of going to the clinic.

3. I confess I am tired, very very tired.

4. I confess I have gained two pounds in the last two days...is this even possible? I haven't been eating bad at all.

5. I confess I ate a midnight truffle blizzard from Dairy Queen and it was a party in my mouth. :)

6. I confess I may be considered a groupie for a local band, figuring there is at least a dozen pictures of me and a couple of my friends on their web page. And no, I will not say the name of the band so everyone can look me up and laugh at my goofy dance moves HA!

And last but not least...

7. I confess there maybe something behind some of these confessions.


Anonymous said...

ok my guess is that you are pregnant? Tired? Doctor? Maybe I'm way off?
When Gabe was little he had brief episodes of eczema and he grew out of it. Could it be that?
Cousin Sarah

MARIANNE said...

Oh my Bridget, ARE you pregnant? :)

Melissa said...

ahhhh! HELLO, you are not allowed to do this to us and not answer!!!

:) :) I am going to be checking your blog now ever minute till I hear!

Anonymous said...

Ok, simma simma down Bridgets dear cousins and friends..Dont give her any ideas!
;) BUT what if she was? Could it be any cuter than Jimmy Jam? what if she ever had a girl? would she look like a mini Bridget? oh my, Bridget Mary Crosseyed. I do know that after this post, you are feeling better sooo...Love,
Maam-mawhoknowsthescore. and by score, I mean the Diamondbacks lost today.