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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a nice Memorial Day weekend!

We didn't technically go anywhere. I really felt a strong urge to get up Saturday morning and road trip it up somewhere. That didn't happen. It was SO beautiful. Saturday, after my 3 hour long nap, James and I headed over for a little boat ride over at my aunt and uncles with a few of my cousins. It was nice, I think James liked being out in the boat. I didn't bring my camera so there is no pictures of that, but as you will see, I think I have made up for it with a crap load of other pictures.

Sunday, with the still strong urge to drive with the windows down and sing loudly to good music, Caleb, James, and I headed out on a mini road trip. To be quite honest with you I don't even know the name of the city we ended up in, but we found a really cute little park.
Above is a little critter that stared at us for a while when we pulled into the park.

Looking for fish.

After the park, we headed to McDonald's to grab some dinner. We ate it a a nice little park on the river. I don't have any pics of that either. After that we went over to Caleb's brother Than's house for a bon fire. They had this little wagon James was obsessed with. **HINT HINT BIRTHDAY PRESENT*** LOL! He got to stay up late and eat smores. It was his first time eating them. Caleb made him one and handed it to him, he opened it up took the chocolate out of it and threw the rest in the fire. Kids and their chocolate!

They had a real jack ass of a neighbor. I am pretty funny aren't I? It seems there is donkeys everywhere in James' life.

James with his cousin Jacob.

Plus his cousin Cade in this pic. James was too entertained by him to look at the camera.


Anonymous said...

I hope he didn't put his lil' fingers near the jackasses mouth this time! Wow, fun for the swegs! McP.

Andrea said...

What excellent pictures of your family!!!!!! Glad you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Melissa said...

Your pictures are sooo gorgeous Bridge! I mean it DOES help that you have great subjects...but still! You are talented!

BTW, you hunni looks like a cuter version of Adam Sandler. I never noticed that before.