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Monday, June 01, 2009

Hi Sarah!

My good ole buddy Sarah is bored so this is a post just for her reading pleasure... And of course everyone else who wants to read it. She requested lots of pics and lots of stuff to read. Here you are Sarah...

This is Sarah:

This is exactly what she looked like when we became friends in high school. She was not flipping me off, she was doing something that may or may not have been illegal for someone under the age of 18. I am not sure if she was 18 in this picture so I thought I would censor it, ya know stuff she maybe doesn't want her mom to see :) We met at Flying Pines Go Cart Raceway. We both worked there. Things are pretty much a blur since I have a horrible memory, but we eventually started hanging out a lot. She would come over everyday after school to play Tony Hawk on the PlayStation. I love that game and lost it sometime. Maybe since Sarah loved it so much she stole it. Who Knows!

Here is Sarah's picture in our sophomore year book...isn't she cute?

This is Chris, Sarah's hubby. As you can see he is taller than her. Sarah is kind of short. They got married last year at the same church that parts of Grumpy Old Men were filmed in.

This is their son Rowan Christopher. He is 3 1/2 months younger than James and his BFF. He is cute.

This is their first family dog. His name is Drake. This is what he looked like when they got him:

Here is Drake now-

Here is Sarah having lots of fun at the park one day.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!!!!!

If anyone else would like a personal post just let me know LOL!


Sarah said...

Very much so where did you get the pic of me at your house? Did you scan it?

Melissa said...

ha! Fun post!

Hi Sarah...nice to "meet" you. ;p

Audreee said...

What a nice post. Nice to meet you. Sarah. lol

Drake looks like he is a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah and RoRo...very cute post. LoveMaamaMcP

Breanna said...

that is too cute! what a neat idea :)