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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

James vs Corn on the Cob

James had corn on the cob for the first time last night. He did really good, especially since my expectations were that he was going to try to eat the cob core part. Nope. He ate only what you are supposed to! He thought it was pretty cool.

I didn't eat much of the meal due to the fact I was, and still am recovering from a bad case of food poisoning from the weekend. Ugh. I seriously would rather have given birth naturally 3 times on Friday night than go through what I went through. I thought I was dying. I am still alive and kicking so that's a good sign. On the upside of things, since being terrified for my unborn child's safety, I went into the clinic on Saturday morn. I heard the pip squeak's heart beat. 160 bpm. A little higher than James' ever was. I am going in for another prenatal visit sometime this week so I will update then. We will also be making a visit to the docs for James 2 year well visit!


Anonymous said...

His furrowed brows look worried eating that!

Roxanne said...

That sucks! What did you eat? I hope you feel better