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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swimming in the river

I am a lake gal, I truly am. I am not sure, but I am pretty positive this might be a thing us land of 10,000 lakes people are born with. The love of a lake, the smell of seaweed. This also may have been instilled into me by the countless days on the lake as a child into adolescence. Our big, fire truck red, aluminum pontoon with a baby blue pool slide strapped to the side of it. It stuck out like a sore thumb, but did we care? Hell no! Who do you think was having the most fun on the lake? That'd be us! I believe there is one picture of this hunk of metal and if I ever find it I will post it.

Any who, I am growing on the love of another body of water (Please don't tell South Lindstrom Lake). The river, St. Croix to be exact. The river to me in my mind was always gross, dirty, rocky, creaturey...yes creatury. Well my friend Sarah introduced me to this wonderous spot. It is SO shallow and completely sandy. Perfect swimmin hole for the lil tikes. Now that I have been thinking about it a little, it is actually probably better than swimming in a stagnate water lake, in a river the water is always moving. Maybe those are just my crazy thoughts. It is beautiful and a great place to swim! We really only have to tie their feet down with little rocks so the current doesn't take them, so that is really nice!

Silly Ro with with boots on


MARIANNE said...

I loved that sweet boat, it may not have been the prettiest thing but we were the coolest people on the lake, I can just picture your dad running home from the Dinnerbel jumping in his swim trunks and we were off! The good 'ol days, gotta love em! :) I wonder if I have a picture of that boat anywhere!?

Anonymous said...

Well I got that picture of course, with the other 4 million pictures (all unorganized) Erika and I have been workin on it! In fact we were just looking at that photo on Sunday. We were wondering if it can be salvaged..its WAY over exposed from a 126 or a disposable camera. Every now and then I think about bringing it somewhere that can fix it with no negative. I sure wish I would have had a good camera back then, oh well huh? Speaking of pictures Marianne, I have EVERY single Xmas pict of your family if someone cant find one! In fact I have every Xmas pict of the entire Cross family, even from after I moved. I just cant throw a picture out..those Xmas pictures measure all put together 2 feet! Love Mamaneedstogetthepictureacttogether!

Roxanne said...

I remember that pontoon and I loved it too! I had so much fun coming up to stay with you guys in the summer, it was nice to get out of the city! Also, I think all Minnesotans just love any kind of water that we can swim in--whether it's a nasty green lake or flowing river! Ha! Makes me want to go swimming right now.