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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ada's first... x-ray????

Wait, that's not exactly a first you want to hit this early in life. Or ever for that matter. Poor little Ada was pretty congested and had a cough a few days ago. Being the NON first time mom I am, I just assume not bring her in to our doctor. Figuring it is just a cold and there is nothing they could do for her anyway. Caleb came and told me that according to Mayo Clinic.com we should bring her in. So I did. About 3 hours at the clinic after they diagnosed her with RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) she was poked and prodded more than a pin cushion. They did the RSV swab, which I couldn't watch. They suctioned her with a machine, they pummeled her (sounds worse than it is), they gave her oxygen and a nebulizer, they tried manually suctioning her, she had a chest x-ray. Poor Ada, she sort of looked like she had been hit by a car after all this hullabaloo.

I held it together pretty good. If this had been my first I would have been blubbering in the corner of the exam room in the fetal position. I'm not saying that's not what I wanted to be doing, but I successfully kept my cool until I got to my car. :)

RSV is a virus that causes infections in the lungs and respiratory tract. She has a hard time breathing because of her stuffy nose and crap in her lungs I think. She is on a steroid and nebulizer treatments every 4 hours. This started a couple days ago and she does seem to be getting a little better...I think. Luckily, she hasn't had any sort of fever. I am so thankful for this because fevers scare the crap out of me and she would most likely be hospitalized if she had one. Let's just hope this passes quickly so she feels better and I can have my healthy Ada back!
Here she is getting her breathing treatment.

The most valued thing in my house right now.


B said...

I'm so sorry to read that you're going through that. That's very scary! Our little one, Ava, has been very congested and had a slight coughing fit this morning that we assumed was just choking due to reflux, but after reading that I'm very happy we have a doctor appt tomorrow! I hope Ada feels better soon!

~Jamie said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie said...

Oh no I'm so sorry! I hope she gets better soon!

Ms Mae said...

That is scary! I remember Sophie had to have an xray when she was about 6 months old and since I was already pregnant w/ Brynn I couldn't be in the room. I had the same urge to cry and crawl into the fetal position! Hopefully she gets well soon!