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Monday, January 18, 2010

sick, yuck

Just a little announcement I whipped up. Postage is so expensive so I am just sending it through the Internet :)

Ada is a very mellow, sleepy little baby. I am so thankful for this right now. Our house has been over taken by a nasty cold. I feel like crap. It's not fun taking care of a newborn when you feel so icky. I hope it passes soon, so I can enjoy her more.


aleelavine said...

That is a really cute little announcement. How do you do that??? So cute!!! Hope you all get better soon!

Breanna said...

Super Cute!!! I have an award for you!

B said...

That is adorable!

Our house is sick as well - not fun at all when trying to run a household and care for a newborn! I hope you guys get to feeling better soon!

Ms Mae said...

that is super cute. hope you all get better!

Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie said...

What a cute announcement and she is sooo beautiful. I hope you guys get feeling better soon!!!

Primary Work at Home said...

So cute. Get well soon.

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