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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An interview with James

First, I am going to share a few pics that James took. He is really into taking pictures (wonder why?). He has learned how to work the camera on my phone. He knows how to get it to the point where he can take pictures, take the picture, and erase it so he can take more. Sometimes, on occasion, he will accidentally save them. I thought I would share a few of his pics...

Ada and I walking up the stairs :)

His toy strainer.

The blinds.

After dinner the other night, James was playing with his train set and I just randomly started asking him questions. He really loves the word "favorite," everything is his favorite.

Here is how the interview went...

Me: What's your favorite color?
James: Red
M: What's your favorite food?
J: Chicken nuggets
M: What's your favorite thing to drink?
J: Orange juice
M: Who's your favorite parent?
J: momdad (He is too smart for our reindeer games)
M: What's your favorite show?
J: Science kid (Sid the Science Kid, which is so funny he said that...not his favorite show lol!)
M: What is your favorite movie?
J: Mighty Machines
M: What is your favorite book?
J: George (He has a big Curious George book with a bunch of stories in it)
M: What is your favorite shape?
J: Square

I think I am going to ask him these questions ever so often to see how they change. That will be fun!


Anonymous said...

I loved talking to him on the phone when he said to talk to Ada, and we said she couldnt talk and he said "She has ears"!!! Love that lil fella! Love, Maamagottakickouttathat!

The Rose Queen said...

Hey....just 'cause Sid the Science kid isn't YOUR favorite! LOL! Cute though! Love his pics..."Wordless Wednesday" material for sure, ha ha.

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