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Friday, April 09, 2010

New fun toy!

The other day, James got into the game Battleship. You know all of those tiny little pegs? Well, aside from making a huge mess I ended up having to clean up later, he stacked them and told me he was making castles. Light bulb goes off in my head. A while back my cousin's boyfriend at the time gave me a huge box of Lego's for James when he got older. Ya know, when he stops putting things in his mouth and giving me a heart attack thinking he is going to choke- all the time. So ya, it's been a little while since that has happened so I thought we would try them. Talk about hours of entertainment. I love Lego's myself, so I was a tad excited too. :)

This box is huge and full of all different sorts of things! It was like Christmas morning for him, since he never had seen them. I did let him know that if he put one in his mouth, I would throw them all away!

James said he wanted a castle...I delivered.


Anonymous said...

Thats alot of Legos! Love, Gladmaamadonthavetopickthemup!

Roxanne said...

Oh I'm so glad he's getting to play with those!

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