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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The things you find

I haven't really talked much about our move. We moved in to the house that Caleb's grandpa lived and his dad grew up. Everything was still in the house when we moved in. We are still

trying to figure out what to do with everything and I think a garage sale is in our near future. Anyways, it is kind of fun to move into a house that is full of stuff, aside from the hassle of cleaning it all, you can find some fun things. Or in my case, some cool things to take pictures of. I took these pics in the basement. I was doing some laundry and the lighting and such caught my eye. I guess that is the eye of a photographer.<- Caleb thinks I am a huge dork for just writing that LOL!

These pictures are straight out of camera, with no editing. It's probably just me, but I thought it kinda looked cool.

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