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Monday, June 21, 2010

James' birthday party!

On Saturday we had a little birthday shindig for Mr. Jimmy Jam. I think he really enjoyed it. He had most of his little friends and some family come to help celebrate.

Here is James having his turn at pin the tail on the donkey. Notice that all of the tails are right on? James was the 2nd to last to go. Apparently, the blind fold was see-through and each and every little one lied and said they couldn't see. Except little Rowan, he was the only honest one and actually closed his eyes. If there was a prize, he would have got it for not cheating!

Squirt gun and water balloon fight!

This results in...

this :)

My sister in law Toots.

He seriously shoved a whole cupcake in his mouth.


B said...

So cute to see the way that preschool-aged kiddos interact - what a great party!

Love the sunglass pic of the two - so cute!

Anonymous said...


Roxanne said...

Such cute photos! James is so lucky to have so many nice friends and cousins! That is so funny about pin the tail on the donkey!!! Another fun game for that age (or maybe a little older) is dropping the clothes pin into a jar (from sitting on a chair facing it backwards) We played that at one of my b-day parties, I think there's pictures of all of us cousins doing it! And I loved the 3 cupcakes, how creative! :)