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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 12-something you are OCD about

My kids. Plain and simple. Trust me I am not OCD about anything else. Even though I wish I was. I am a paranoid freak when it comes to my kids. Are they choking, is their room going to burst into flames in the middle of the night, is that bite too big, are they cold, hot, are their clothes too tight, is she going to die from SIDS, are they going to die from anything else, is that too sharp, is that carbon monoxide I smell, are they happy, sad, mad, nervous, are they smart enough, are they too smart, isn't she supposed to be doing that by now, are they too skinny, too chubby, wait where did they go, don't do that, get away from there, eat this, not that, is he pooping enough, is she peeing enough, are they choking now, are they watching too much TV???????? I think you get the idea. Caleb thinks I am pretty much a nut job when it comes to this.

The other day I was at a garage sale. A lady was talking to the lady that was having the garage sale. She was telling her how they just moved up here from Florida. Their house burnt completely down. She said that they told her it was from an extension cord and that 90% of house fires start from an extension cord. And that most of these could be prevented by having surge protectors. I immediately thought of James' WOODEN bed room. His lamp, fan, and baby monitor (yes, I still have a baby monitor in his room. I guess that just adds to this post now doesn't it?) are all plugged into an old extension cord, which is plugged into an old ungrounded outlet. (This is the point where my mom starts freaking out reading this. I had to get this from someone right?)

I knew right then and there I had to get myself a surge protector for his room. I didn't exactly know what one was, but I had to get one. I got home, clarified with Caleb what one was, and headed out to Walmart. I got home and this is when I discovered the outlets in his room are ungrounded (two prong). I ran out the next day and bought an adaptor. This is about when Caleb thought I was crazy. I came to him asking him if the adaptor defeated the whole purpose since it is still an ungrounded outlet. Are you still following? Or would it still work since the surge protector is plugged into a grounded plug in and everything else is plugged into the surge protector. I am sure if anyone is still reading this they are totally lost. Well, I am pretty sure this is when Caleb told me I was off my rocker.

Get the point?


Anonymous said...

You arent off your rocker..You just have to move now, that all. Love & worries, GrammyMcPsureaintsleeping'tonight.

Breanna said...

I am the exact same way with the kids!!

sarah doffing said...

Chris could put a new outlet in for you it is pretty easy.
Yep...nut job:)

HannahThompson said...

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