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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First day of School!!!

James got up this morning for his first day of preschool! I am pretty sure I had a harder time with it than he did. I was a little nervous last week before we went to his open house. He didn't want to go, and definitely didn't want me to leave him. That all got thrown out the window about 5 min after we got in the classroom.
Today he was so excited to go. Got up, got ready like had done it a million times. Like it was nothing new. Which is great! I am glad he was having such an easy time and not throwing up in the bathroom like someone else we know. You would have thought it was my first time ever going to school. I did however, hold back the tears pretty good.
When I picked him up I tried to get out of him as much information as I could. He told me he played play-doh and that's it. Hmmmm. That is a really weird feeling to not have any idea what went on in those 2 1/2 hours, when I am so used to knowing exactly what he is doing at all times. He came out alive, I guess that's all that matters!
First day of preschool = Success!!

Here he is by his little cubby at school.

The first thing he was asked to do was find his name and "sign in" :)
Day 4 blog challenge- Your favorite book.
Right now I am diggin Chelsea Handler...I am in the middle of reading "Are you there vodka, it's me Chelsea," and have already read "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang." She is super funny!


Anonymous said...

NOO! He was just born!

B said...

Cute pics! Love his shirt!!

Have you read My Horizontal Life? That's a great bio by Chelsea Handler! So hilarious!

Sarah M said...

What a little heartbreaker!!! He is adorable!! Teachers pet for sure! Love you guys :)