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Thursday, September 02, 2010

She would probably eat a Big Mac if I let her

Ada, Ada, Ada. This girl just wants to eat. None of that sissy baby food shenanigans either. She wants to use her hands and chew. She has absolutely boycotted the jarred stuff. I started making some baby food (nothing complicated) which she seems to take a little bit better than that stinky Gerber baby food. (I have nothing against Gerber, I think they are great. I think Ada is the one with the problem!)

She has mastered the "pinch" to pick up food. She loves those puffs. Actually, I don't think it even matters what it is. Don't tell my mom, but I pulled a small rock out of her mouth the other day. This girl just wants to put stuff in her mouth. I know this is totally the norm for this age. She is a hungry gal though.

The other day, I thought I would try something different. We had some bananas so I cut them up and gave them to her. She had a difficult time picking them up since they are so slimy. Then I thought of something. When James was a peanut I discovered an easier way to feed the little goober those slippery bananas.

James was a big puff eater too. He actually choked on one once. They aren't supposed to choke on them! It was a full on choke. The kind where I had no idea what to do. My immediate response was to fling him out of his highchair, which went flying across the kitchen floor, flip him upside down, and wail on his back. I have no idea if that was the right thing to do, but it worked. Thankfully.

I came to the conclusion that the puffs must have been a bit stale or something. From then on out I always made sure he was eating the freshest of fresh puffs. This resulted in half un-eaten jars of puffs that would take up room in the cupboard. I think I have a slight hoarding problem. ANYWAY! I discovered if I cut up the banana and smashed some of the puffs into a powder I could roll the little banana chunks in the powder and they were way easier to pick up!

I decided to try this with Ada. I put just a few puffs in a bowl and smashed them up, put the banana in and gave them to her. She practically inhaled them. LOVED them. I couldn't keep up smashing those dang puffs. Then I had an absolute brilliant idea.

When we got married a few weeks ago, my lovely Aunt (and uncle) gave me the greatest thing in the world... **Insert angels singing here**

Ah. What a beauty. Am I right? This was my first experience with my new Magic Bullet. And, well, it is magical! Popped the puffs in, pressed it down for a couple seconds and ended up with this...

The finest banana puff powder a mom or dad could ever wish for. Nothing you could ever achieve with a spoon and a bowl. Or a mortar and pestle for that matter. That last sentence makes me feel old for some reason.
So for all of those fellow moms out there here is a little tip. If you are having issues with sticky bananas, smash up some puffs. If you don't have a Magic Bullet, you most certainly can use a spoon, fork, hammer, whatever. However, I highly recommend you get a Magic Bullet...just because.
Cut the banana into tiny cubes. I am pretty sure I am overly obsessive when it comes to cutting up food small. That's my problem though. I don't really think it is much of a problem though, so whatever! :)
Throw your bananas in the heavenly fine puff dust. I like that...puff dust. Stir them up so they are all separated from each other and they are lightly coded.

Ta-da! I call them banana nuggets!
And if you were reading this super long post and the whole time wondering what the heck I was talking about when I said "puffs," there ya go! And just another little tip for those mamas out there. If you shop at Walmart, this is just my opinion, but I like the Parent's Choice brand puffs better. They are smaller so I am less worried about Ada choking. They have fun flavors too!
Please be warned though...

It can get pretty messy.
Like, really messy.

Really, really messy.


Jenny said...

What a great idea! Can't wait to use that idea for my next baby! I need to get a magic bullet first though. :)
Although Eli STILL eats puffs for a snack. He's not much for trying new things. Banana is his favorite!

ashleygabiou said...

I love it and I need to go get the magic bullet and try this out when Jack Jack can start eating big kid food like Super cool idea!!!

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