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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Oy Vey

I have gone through computer hell the last month and a half or so. I really shouldn't say that I have gone through it since I am currently still stuck in it. ACK!
Bad Luck? I almost feel like it has to be more than that, because, I mean SERIOUSLY?
For anyone who doesn't really know me or just doesn't pay attention, the computer is my job. I am a photographer and the majority of my work is done on the computer. There is also A LOT of valuable business information along with pictures from the photo sessions I take.

Fun stuff I have gone through the last 5 weeks or so...
-We had computer issues so we got a new one.
-Power surge- while on surge protectors resulting in loss of most of electronics including both computers. Luckily the computers were fixable.
-Memory cards failing me while in the middle of photo sessions- luckily I bring back up
-Right now dealing with my computer. Pretty sure the hard drive is physically damaged- resulting in loss of A LOT of pictures, and money for that matter. I do back up on external hard drive, but it stopped backing up in Oct for some reason. I MEAN SERIOUSLY?

We are still working on this matter. Day and night for the last week. We got close today and was able to recover a few pictures. None of them were ones that I needed (I lost pictures from Oct 2010 and on), but we are making progress and I am REALLY hoping we can resolve this and put all this crap behind us.

Anyway out of the few that were recovered we some pictures I haven't seen in a while, I thought I would share them on here. They are making me smile at a time that is pretty dark for me and my business. Enjoy :) It is going to be a long night, pretty sure I will be pulling an all nighter trying to deal with some of this mess! Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Bridget dear, there are alot of places to store your stuff "online" websites that will let you try them for free- http://www.box.net/ as example so to protect yourself from this in the future besides phyisical external drives. Lessson to be learned here my wise gal! Ok goodluck, grandpa MCP, tell james I said HI' lil bugger.

ashleygabiou said...

You know matt is a computer guy for a living... he could fix it for you :) If you need him let me know and we can meet up and I can grab your tower :) TTYL!!