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Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas Camp

I'm doing a little catch up here. These pictures are from our annual family Christmas Camp. It is is held the weekend before Christmas. My family on my dad's side is so huge that to celebrate Christmas we actually rent out a camp. We were SO surprised when we got there to find that my Dad and Vicki came from Colorado for the week! That was such a happy surprise, James was so excited to see his Pappy and Nana, which we haven't seen since August!

This is my family! Holy huge right?

My little lover babes!

James and Santa! Notice the shirt James is wearing...he made it himself. :)

Sweet little Ada and her first experience with Santa.

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Anonymous said...

Holy huge is right, and I see theres even a few missing!

Ms Mae said...

WOW and I thought our family with 6 kids was big :) Guess we'll be like that in a few years!

B said...

HOLY! That's one huge family - I must admit I'm a bit jealous!!