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Friday, January 14, 2011

Part 1 Ada's B-day

I wanted to do something special for Ada's birthday. Being in the winter, I felt she got kind of gypped out of a big 1st b-day party like James had. His was at a park on a beautiful June day. Well, hers had to be inside which meant limited amount of people. I just ordered James' cupcakes from walmart, so I though I would make Ada a special cake. This is going to be life isn't it? Trying hard to make everything EVEN for them.
So, I decided to make her a farm cake. Can't be too hard or time consuming right? I had a lot of things prepped before had. My first frosting was a disaster. Horrid. Some little bird told me to put more milk in it. FAIL. So, on the day of Ada's party I found myself scrambling to make new frosting, keep the kitchen clean (which anyone who knows me knows that's not possible), and finish the darn cake in time. With the help of Caleb, Erika, and Dean we finally finished. Literally minutes before people came. It kind of bums me out. I think it turned out pretty good, but I ended up having to cut some corners and if I had more time I think it could have been better.

We also celebrated my nephew's b-day, so we made him a little cake as well!


ashleygabiou said...

I think it is so cute!!! You did a really good job :)

Stephanie R said...

What an adorable cake!!

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