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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Is it Summer yet?

I am really starting to get to the point of frustration with all this damn snow and cold.

As I write the very first sentence of this post I have visions of comments I mom will be writing.

It's hard coming up with ideas of things to do with little ones in this bitter weather. I'm cashed.
It's hard not to appreciate the beauty though. Even though I think we may have seen snow 80 days out of the last 81 days (this is an estimation by me), I still get that magical feeling waking up to new snow with the sun light sparkling on it like someone came during the night and threw hand fulls of glitter all over my yard.
Maybe it's the photographer in me. Maybe it's that my inspiration comes from light and nature, among other things. Maybe everyone feels this way.
Mother Nature- You are lucky winter can sometimes be pretty. I'm just sayin'.


Sandy said...

It definitely is beautiful, but I am not sure I can take much more this snow.

B said...

Um, it's been "winter" here for about three days, and I'm already over it. It wasn't bad when you're childless, but my kiddo doesn't understand why we're burrowed down and stuck in the house all day...we both have crazy cabin fever!

Gorgeous pictures, per usual!

Nicole said...

At least you still can see the beauty in it, but you will so more appreciate the first warm sun coming out, the green gras peeking through the melting snow and the first blooms on the trees.

Believe it or not, we had our first and probably only snow of the year today.

Anonymous said...

Well you already know my response to tthis! "get the heck outta there and move down here!" I love you all Maama