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Monday, March 14, 2011

Good to be home!

My dad and his wife Vicki are back home to MN where they belong! It's so nice having some family back in the area. They came over last night and my dad, who is a cook for a living and is amazing, cooked us up some delicious food. Sorry Weight Watchers! They brought their dogs to hang out. James had so much fun playing with them. Ada on the other hand, I think she maybe had a couple anxiety attacks. Tiny little dogs and she was so scared of them! I am excited to and nights like this back to our life. Ain't nothin like some family...especially when it involves your dad's cooking!

Mission 1 complete. Next up: Working on my mom, Bruce, and Sis. I think I have a lead!
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ashleygabiou said...

Yeah !! I'm so excited for you :) When do I get to try his food???

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