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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Swimming in February feels so good!

Of course, it would have probably felt even better if it were far away from home on a tropical beach, but I am not picky! James had beach day at school last week. He wore his swim trunks over some sweats, a Hawaiian shirt, and some sun glasses in his collar. Ada was into the whole beach thing so we decided to continue it after school and head to a pool. I am not sure why we don't do this more often, besides that it is a little expensive. This pool is only a couple miles from our house and we had it all to our selves.

James was pretty much independent with his life jacket on, he has grown a lot less afraid in the past months. He loved it.

For some reason, we decided to go during Ada's nap time. Needless to say she wasn't the happiest camper on the trip. She also so desperately wanted to be able to do everything by herself like her big brother. She would get so mad and frustrated. Telling us she wants to do it herself. The poor little girl, you would let go of her and her life jacket was just stronger than she was and it would force her on her back. We had one irritated little girl.

I am not sure we have had that much exercise all winter. It drained us all to the max and you could definitely tell by the crabby, tired people we acted like the rest of the day. You bet your bottom dollar we slept long and hard that night.


Anonymous said...

Fun!! wish I were there. Love Maama

GHD Straightening said...

so cute