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Friday, May 25, 2012

Deep Breaths

I’ve been thinking about this sweet little blog lately. The place that holds memories for me in a nice sweet little place, better than my head can. Just in the last couple days I feel like my kids have grown, got wiser, smarter, taller, the whole bit. I have been so busy with photography. This is great. Really it is. I love it, I am so lucky to have this great job. It’s all my own. During wedding season I start to feel like I am somehow neglecting my kids. I know I am not, I am here with them pretty much Mon-Fri. I think it’s all the stuff my head is trying to hold, email those people, edit this, reply to that, mail out those. Deep breath. I am just in the process of finding something that works. I don’t want to not feel present with my kids, I want quite the opposite. I want to enjoy, observe, teach, and be fully aware. I know it will take some time, but I will get there. I was going through my pics to post on here (obviously I found some lol) and most of these are from at least a month ago. So much is going on. They ARE getting bigger, taller, smarter, sassier. Yesterday was James’ last day of Preschool. EVER. Deep breath. Summer is officially upon us! I love summer and can’t wait to dive in to it! No pun intended.  Today was actually his last day of T-ball too. It was a 5 week course. He absolutely loved it. It’s actually quite amazing how much they learn and improve in that time frame. We had a little circus come to our neighboring little town too. It was fun for not having to drive far and something to do for sure! Kids liked it.

A few weeks back we got to dip our toes in the water for the first time this year. It felt really good. The kids ended up soaking wet, but hey that's why I pack extra clothes right?

That same day we got to visit one of my best friends April in the hospital. She gave birth to the sweetest little guy Cooper. My kids LOVE babies.

Here are some pics from the circus. Is that the norm, to have the lady dangling from the elephant's mouth? It kinda made my jaw drop.

T_BALL!!! These pics were taken on his 1st day. Today I took some video, so I will get that up soon, or sometime. ;)

My cousin and her cutie Gus came over for a  visit one day.

Below is a picture of James I took yesterday on his last day of school. He is holding a picture of himself from the 1st day of school! Crazy difference! Someone on Facebook said his baby face is gone. I was trying to deny that. Ugh. Deep breath.

And then we come to these. Bribed with ice cream I accomplised a photo session of my own 2!


Altax said...
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Altax said...

Cute kids, lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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