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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Love Thursday

I'm gonna start something called Love Thursday. I got the idea off of one of my fav photog sites called Shutter Sisters. I'm going to post a pic and maybe a brief story every thursday regarding LOVE! :)

A picture of me and my love Caleb. This was, I think the day before his needed haircut :)

This picture was taken the day of James' first birthday party- so June 21st. I seriously think this was the first picture taken of just Caleb and I, and no babe, since James was born. I'm a big fatty bo batty so I try to stay out of as many pics as I can anyway. I will be back in the pics once my body looks like a swimsuit model...so pretty soon HA!


Flower said...

I am sure you look just fine, but I can't wait to see your "new" swimsuit. LOL!

I love your "Love Thursday" idea.

The Garske's said...

Good idea!! I dont think Derek and I have been in a pic just the two of us in awhile either!!

Anonymous said...

I love you..Mamabogamo

Melissa said...

ha ha you crack me up. But I know how you feel! I told DJ I would be hot again by the time I am 35. Ha, that gives me 3 years after this baby is born.

Every picture you are in I think you look beautiful! I know where James gets that gorgeous face of his.

Noratiqah a.k.a Nora said...

A very nice pic!

EthansMommy said...

Great picture! You are beautiful!

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