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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo of the week

I chose this picture because it seems lately James' eye color has changed a little. When he was a little itty bitty he had blue eyes. They then turned to a pretty solid green. Well now it looks like there are some sporadic brown blobs in it. So, I guess that would be hazel? I wonder if they are going to go brown...that would be kinda weird since he is already over a year. What do you guys think? I have very dark brown eyes and Caleb had brown eyes his whole life, up until I met him and they started to change to green. Bizarre, I know...same thing happened to his dad.
I would love input on this...comment away!
If you click the pic to make it big you can see the brown better.

Sorry this is a day late...I totally forgot- Thanks Erika for reminding me!


Kate said...

He sure has beautiful eyes! My whole family was born with brown eyes and as we have gotten older each of our eyes have changed. My mom's and sister's are bright green now and mine, and both my brother's eyes are very light brown with green specs in it. Dylan's eyes seem to change frequently too. I never know what to say when asked what color they are!!

Carol said...

Wow, you've got one adorable little boy there!

Followed you here from your comment on my blog. Now I need to add you to my reader so I can check in on your cutie more often! :) (that's not supposed to be as creepy as it sounds)

That Nora Girl said...

Firstly, those eyes are GORGEOUS!

Secondly, I had blue eyes until I was in middle or high school when they turned green. Anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a little Bubushka baby! Love Grammy

Roxanne said...

He has pretty eyes!