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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You know you had a fun day when...

...you get home with dirty feet, sand in your hair, and stink like stale sunscreen.

We finally had an eventful day. It seems like with everyone being sick lately, James has just stayed home and been pretty bored for the last week or so. I think we made up for it today.
Me, Tiff and all our kids packed up her Focus and ventured on the 45 mile or so trip to the Como Zoo. I have been dying to go to the zoo for a very long time. Even before James was born. We had a good time. Saw some animals, ate some cotton candy, watched the Sparky the seal show, and headed home. There was a bagillion people there, I don't know why, but in my head I was thinking that we were going to be the only people or something...boy was I wrong! It was still fun and it was a nice sunny, warm day.

When we got back to Tiffany's we hung out in her back yard so the chitlins could play. They have a sandbox bigger than my living room, no joke. James was in heaven. I love hanging out with Tiffany and it also gives James a lot to do. We will be going over there more often- I guarantee it!
MONKEYS! I think I would have to say that these were probably James' fav. Reason being, he could see them so close, like this little guy (or girl).
gotta get a picture of the lion
watching the Sparky show.
A little sunny

Since our drive was a little lengthy, Kenzie and I were making funny faces to the camera...she is good at it. My favorite is the second one :)

James was having a lot of fun with Kenzie, Kylee was fast asleep the whole way to the zoo and home :) sweet lil punkin pie!

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