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Friday, July 25, 2008

to great grandma's house we go

We had another fun, eventful day! YAY those are my favorite kind! We headed down to Edina to visit my grandma and grandpa. My cousin Charlotte joined us too. We hung out for a bit and ate some yummy lunch, we then headed to Edinborough Park. This park is amazing, it is this giant indoor park with trees, plants and everything. James had lots of fun in the 1-4 year old play area. After that we headed back to my grandma's to take a dip in her pool. It was a perfect day for it, hot, sunny, and humid! We had a great time! I have come to a conclusion though that I need an indoor park and an outdoor pool with in a mile or so from my house!!

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Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie said...

Ok so are you still liking Keesha? I like Keesha...I really like Ollie and April, I've always been a fan of the cute showmances :) I'm really bummed because Jaden broke my rabbit ears on my tv (I dont have cable) and so now I cant watch Big Brother when its on tv!!! I can only watch it the following day online, so I'll always be behind. I'm really sad :( LOL i'm a dork!