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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Today James and I went over to my friend Tiff's house. She used to live just 3 short doors away from me, now she lives a million miles away. Ok, it's more like 7 miles, but that is just too far. Her sister Amber was there with her son Ryder, who is just a month younger than James. So it was Tiffany's lil girl Kylee, who, if you have been a reader of blog in the past I am sure you have seen pics, then there was James and Ryder. I forgot my camera, which rarely happens, so no pics :(. They had so much fun together, and her house has the greatest set up for kids. Stuff to do and play with all over the joint! I can easily say that we will be going over there more often.

We will be going over there this Saturday for sure. Lindstrom, which is the town I grew up in, and the town in which Tiff resides in now, is having their annual Karl Oscar Days. The parade is on Saturday and it runs right in front of her house. Yay! Front row seats!

I have some weird thing, where I can't (or don't like to) make a post with out a picture. Here is just a random pic of James' sweet profile. Don't you just wanna bite his nose right off? Well I do.

Oh, and to all the Big Brother fans out there... CBS posted the house guests today. Click on "house guests" to check them out. For anyone who doesn't already know, I am a HUGE fan of Big Brother, I think Caleb has actually called me obsessive when it comes to the show. Anyone else watch it? Anyone else interested in getting completely hooked on a TV show? If so, Big Brother 10 airs on Tuesdays 9pm et/pt, Wednesdays 8pm et/pt, Sundays 8pm et/pt. The premiere is this Sunday the 13th.


Nicole said...

OMG Bridget I am OBSESSED with Big Brother as well!!! I am counting down the days on my calendar, seriously. LOOOOVE it! Some of the past contestants are actually on my friends list on my myspace page LOL. Yay it will be fun to discuss the show with you! :)

Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie said...

hey sorry, that was me that just posted that last comment under "nicole" - i forgot my friend had signed in on my computer under her blog.

And now we're a family said...

Hope you had fun at the parade! Love the picture, you have yourself a handsome little man!

Melissa said...

I will get hooked with ya!! I got hooked last season, and am even ashamed to report that I used to watch the Big Brother after hours on Showtime if I was awake. Actually I used to fall asleep to it. It was so dumb, so so great to watch... it was like you were spying on people. lol