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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Knit Knit Knitted or attempted to

I have known how to knit for a while now, but kind of put it a side for another hobby probably. I have actually been getting back into it and started knitting a scarf, since it is the only thing I know how to make winter is just around the corner.
My gal pal Sarah invited me to one of her favorite hangouts Cottage Gifts, to knit a bit. Such a warm environment, just a bunch of super nice ladies hanging out and knitting. Sarah was teaching me how to make baby booties, or that was the plan. We both had our boys and they started out playing with some toys in their strollers, James lasted about 3 minutes and then tried to get out and screamed bloody murder. Next, we put them in, well I don't think I want to say, when I say it in my head it sounds really bad. Ok, fine it was a cardboard box. Babies love boxes right? Threw all of the toys in there and they played a tad longer than in the strollers. Then, all of the sudden, this amazingly brilliant idea came into my head. Maybe they would be a tad more comfortable in the playpen I had in the trunk of my car! Good golly miss molly! Sometimes I seriously wonder about myself!
They did great in there and played so happily together. James then got super crabby and tuckered out so we left to get him to bed. I didn't even get to learn anything, that's ok though, we had fun anyways. I love love love places like this, and I can easily say that we will be back.

James just all of the sudden plopped himself on Rowan's lap. I am pretty sure he was hoping that Rowan just might read him a book.

These pictures don't do this place justice for all of the beautiful yarns they had.

Since I peer pressure everyone around me to have a blog, My mom started one!!! YAY! her's should be pretty interesting click here to read it. My sister has had one, but just started writing again her's is here. I am obsessed with reading blogs, I am sure I'm not the only one so I thought I would share these. Show them some love everybody! Leave 'em some comments to keep them motivated to write! THANK YOU!


Sara said...

I love, love, love yarn stores. So much comraderie and it s so fulfilling when you finish that project you have been working on forever! Totally heading to Baby Mama Mama blog right now!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

That is OK Bridget all I crochet are scarfs as well, but I'm pretty good at those and everyone keeps asking for new ones. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well? did Rowen read to him?

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