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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Murphy's law

I'm at work. Caleb needs to go somewhere and I have his car keys in my purse...30 minutes away. It comes to no surprise something like this would happen. I feel like this has been a prime example of how this whole last week has gone. Just a little off. Grrrrrrr.

While writing this my friend Charee WHO I LOVE! was going to come visit me at work and called to say she was all ready to come and got in her car and it wouldn't start. dfbhfjhgj;dfgkjdfhgjkhdfv ukf!!! That's all I have to say right now. Thank you :)


Sara said...

Yucky week! Hopefully Monday will start a new wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Holy buckets Bridge, your temp thing at 10:39p my time is 48 degrees??? 48 degrees?? I cant even fathom, I need to be there just laying outside on the sidewalk! OK I just looked at my outdoor temp deal and its still 94! at 10:40pm..OK when are we all moving to a centralized state we can all agree on? We may have a hard sell with Erika and Dean for MD, maybe I'll pay her, it worked when she was young. Love from Grammyneedstomovesoon.