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Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo of the week

My sister and I!!! My mom should be in this picture too, but she didn't want her picture taken right then. She was still in her nightgown :) LOL!!

Speaking of nightgowns, the reason I posted this... I always forget how much I laugh when I am with my mom and sister. Just thinking about when we were younger and how silly some things were. We had somehow started talking about when we were younger and Erika and I both had these long heavy flannel hideous nightgowns that were full of ruffles. GAG. Erika was saying how they were so uncomfortable and you just felt the huge rough seems on the inside. ICK! I had said that sadly I don't think I was that young. She asked how old I was when I got my boom box for Christmas. Clearly picturing in my head a photo that was taken of me on Christmas with me in my floral patterned, to the floor, night gown with a boom box on my shoulder. I was cool! That caused me to laugh for a good half an hour with tears streaming down my face. It is conversations like that which makes me miss living by these two hilariously funny, beautiful people.


Mainegirl/Pauline said...

OMGOODNESS!! YOu both are so beautiful!!! You brought a tear to my eyes reading that, how sweet!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty

Mekhismom said...

What a great photo!

EthansMommy said...

OMG how funny about the boombox and the nightgown!!! I think I was that cool once too! The second I first read "long ruffled night gown" I immediately thought of the rough seams inside and then I read you had the same thought. Ugh!
That is a beautiful picture of you and your sister!!

Krista said...

Nice picture! The nightgown thing is funny..somehow I avoided the nightgowns but got stuck with the one piece pj's that always made my feet sweat and felt sooooo gross.

Auntie Amy said...

What a GORGEOUS pair of gals!
-Auntie Amy